About Vincent

Vincent on Santa Fe Island of the Galápagos in 2012.
Photo by Bill Durham

A homegrown Taiwanese, Vincent Chen enjoys birdwatching, photography, and traveling to places not in between home and office.

Vincent’s childhood obsessions for dinosaurs and airplanes inevitably clashed and gave way to a self-proclaimed ornithologist. Countless hours spent outdoors led to a deep appreciation for our natural world. His affinity to the wilderness drives decisions big and small - from what to major in, what projects to work on, to where to spend spring break, and which side to sit on Caltrain for best views of the wintering waterfowl.

When he's not outside, Vincent is passionate about bringing an economist's mind, high integrity, and the very best technology together to solve the world’s environmental and developmental challenges. He is currently a member of the business development team at Jupiter, a Bay Area start-up focused on climate change modeling and resiliency building. Prior to joining Jupiter, Vincent has had the privilege of working with brilliant colleagues and mentors at Lucid MotorsStanford Woods Institute for the EnvironmentUnited Nations Foundation, US Department of State, and Reuters. Every once a while, Vincent wonders what life would be like in a parallel universe where he's a professional wildlife photographer, classical musician, filmmaker, or full-time stargazer.

Vincent’s proudest achievement was the 800-mile biking trip around Taiwan he went on with his cousin and best friend before freshmen year of college. It was a magical way to re-explore home as if you've never been around.

Vincent graduated from Stanford University with a B.A.S. in Earth Systems and Economics with honors (’12) and an M.S. in Atmosphere/Energy Engineering (’14).  Before attending college in the US, he graduated from Jianguo High School in Taipei, Taiwan. Vincent is currently based in San Francisco, CA with five awesome housemates who all share a passion for renewable energy.